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With HR Work Doctor you have the option to select the components of testing that are most relevant to your personnel and specific to your workplace or project. Including:

Medical History Questionnaire


DAS -Instant and/or Laboratory (Drug and Alcohol Screen)

Alcohol Breathalyser



Blood pressure



Distance, Near and Peripheral Vision

Colour Vision

ECG (Resting)

Medical Examination

Oral Examination, Eye & Ear Examination,
Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Abdominal
Skin,  Nervous System


Functional Capacity Evaluation

Dynamometer - Grip Test



Audiometry (including WorkCover)


Quantitative Respirator Fit (Mask Fit)


EARfit [Plug/Muff]

Rail Category 1, 2, 3, 4

Commercial Drivers



Diabetes (Blood Glucose levels and HbA1c on request)

Lipids (Cholesterol)

Xray Imaging


Occupational Vaccinations

Sleep Apnoea Assessment (Coming soon)

Shot Firer’s Assessment


Dangerous Goods Assessment

Nickel Allergy Assessment

K10 Assessment


Heat Stress Assessment

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