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Frequently Asked Questions

HR Work Doctor aims to offer all our clients an appointment on the same or following business day.
You can make an appointment by contacting us on (08) 9354 7000 or email bookings@hrworkdoctor.com.au. We will reply with a confirmation email outlining location, directions and instructions for the candidate.
To set up an account, contact the Operations Manager (Earline Dick) at admin@hrworkdoctor.com.au and she will guide you through the process.
At HR Work Doctor we aim on getting you results as quickly as possible. All medical results will be emailed through to you on the same day as the appointment unless further information is required from the candidate’s usual medical practitioner, in which case the results will then be forwarded upon receiving that information. Instant Drug and Alcohol testing results will be forwarded same day as the appointment however Laboratory Drug and Alcohol testing may take up to 24 hours for return of results. Any delays are always communicated transparently.
Yes. HR Work Doctor offers customisable assessments to meet the changing needs when assessing different candidates for different roles. Extra features such as functional assessments, audiometry testing, drug and alcohol screening, vaccinations and many more can be added.
At HR Work Doctor we understand the importance of an efficient service to minimise delays in your recruitment process. We focus on providing appointment availability and quick turnaround time with results. All medical results are returned within hours of the candidate’s appointment, so you can mobilise and on-board your employees and workers to site sooner.

For any other enquiries or to create an account with HR Work Doctor, feel free to contact:

Earline Dick (Operations Manager)

Phone: (08) 9354 7000

Email: admin@hrworkdoctor.com.au